Here's the Woman SK Mbuga Keeps Praising Called Susan, What we Know About Her

Posted on Oct 05, 2019
By Sean Musa Carter
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Upon his return back into the country from a Swedish Prison, city tycoon, socialite and business man Sulaim Kabangala aka SK Mbuga kept praising a woman identified as Suzan which forced our team to look into the matter.

According to research Blizz Uganda has conducted, Susan said to be a rich, trustworthy and international business woman said to be chewing SK Mbuga's cassava and that the two are currently seeing each other.

It is also believed that Susan is the person who worked her butt off to see that SK Mbuga gets out of prison and gets back home as his wife Vivian Mbuga was just seated in Uganda with a court order stopping her from flying out of the country.

"Susan helped me alot, she is one person who used to come and see me in prison, she moved my documents around from Sweden to Dubai to Uganda, In fact it is because of her that am now free. She is a very loyal and trustworthy woman, I will tell you more about it when it's the right time, but thank you so much Susan"- SK Mbuga sppreciated in one interview with  alocal TV station.

In his full interview, Mbuga never mentioned his wife Vivian in any statement hence leaving us wondering.

Our team is still digging around and we shall keep you posted in case of any developments on the story.


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