Former Ebonies Director, Bantu Pro Boss, Timothy Kizito Goes Missing In America

Posted on Jan 06, 2022
By Kiggundu Abraham
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Mr. Timothy Kizito, 56, the former Ebonies drama group director, producer and the CEO of Bantu Productions Uganda went missing a few weeks ago in the United States of America where he has been staying for the past decade.

According to trusted sources, Mr. Kizito who is a celebrated veteran US based Ugandan motion picture director and producer was also the brain behind the production of The Ebonies ‘Bibawo’ TV series and hails in Los Angeles, USA.

He reportedly went missing on December 19th, 2021 and since then his whereabouts have remained unknown according to his family.

Family members fear Kizito might have been kidnapped or murdered in cold blood and have since opened up a case of a missing person at Los Angeles police vide file No.DR#21-9927149.

They have cried out to anyone with information about where he might be to avail it to them or the police.

The worried family members told the police Kizito was last contacted via cell phone on December 19, 2021 and he was due tot fly out of LAX but did not make his flight yet he didn’t communicate with his family members why he had missed the flight and since then all efforts to contact him have been futile.

Prayers go to a brother so as to be found safe and sound.

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