Sasha Ferguson Exposed for Cheating on Canary Mugume with a Married Man, Secrets Spilled

Posted on May 08, 2021
By Sean Musa Carter
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Even though they recently just legalized their relationship, former media personality Sasha Ferguson has now exposed by the wife of the man he cheated with on NBS TV journalist Canary Mugume, we have all the evidence here, photos, screenshots and audio recordings.

According to exclusive info that was received on Blizz Uganda news desk, Sasha Ferguson who was working with different organizations in 2018 traveled to Tanzania where she met a white guy, identified as Jim who was also a cab driver and the two sparked off romance.

Even though Sasha was already dating Canary, she did not hesitate to spend all her nights in Tanzania with Jim, according to his wife Chloe who has spilled the infidelity secrets to our snoops.

Apparently, Jim used to drive to Sasha's place every night at 10pm to pick her up and drive her to his home, a villa that has a swimming pool and being an advantage that Jim's fiance by then was not staying with him, this gave them a chance of spending nights together.

Sasha having dinner at Jim's house

Same Plates and table mats

We have also been alerted that during that same period Sasha was posting Canary on her social media, showering him with love as she was in bed with another man, this has all been spilled by our sources who landed on the private chats of Sasha and Jim.

Blizz investigative team also took time to dig deep into the story only to find out that Sasha was in the same house with Jim, and when we talked to Jim's wife, she revealed that she got Sasha's phone number from Jim's phone and called her only to deny that she did not have an affair with him, but rather they were just friends.

"When I called sasha she told me that she was not sleeping with my man but only used to come around his home because they were friends and that he had a swimming pool, but when I talked to Jim he told me the full truth of what had happened and why Sasha was lying to me"- the wife revealed.

Listen to the wife spilling all secrets in the video below:

Check Out More Photos Below:

Sasha with Jim

Same day, same clothes, same house

Jim with his wife

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