"Stop Trying to Chew Me, Am Still Mourning My Husband's Death"- Kulthum Nabunya States

Posted on May 04, 2021
By Kiggundu Abraham
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Kulthum Nabunya, the widow to the deceased and renowned Muslim cleric Sheik Nuhu Muzaata Batte has tipped horny men to give her a break as she continues mourning her late husband.

Despite being accused of cheating on the late Kibuli sect PRO months back, Kulthum seems to be not ready to betray the trust of the late Sheik Muzaata by marrying off soon.

Though she would at some point want to move on, the latter is still skeptical of finding a right partner currently.

In a exclusive interview with BBS TV, the mother of one has clearly warned men off her horny pot since she is still undecided on the right choice of man to steer her young future to the promised land.

Kulthum asserts that it will be the will of Allah and revelation of Angels to ascend on her so that he can make another choice of husband to marry.

"At the moment I'm still mourning the death of my husband, Sheik Muzaata no wonder its still difficult to find a right choice of a man. Though I'm still young and currently a lot of applications from men are flooding my inbox, its still difficult for me to get a complete man like Sheik Muzaata. Those crushing on me should have to wait until when Allah will make me stronger and give me the courage to decide my future," Kulthum Nabunya has partly said.

Watch the video below;

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