Facebook verifies President John Katumba’s page

Posted on Nov 21, 2020
By Nasa Tushabe
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Away from the endless fake/parody accounts on social media that have been masquerading as authentic accounts of Presidential advisor John Katumba. Facebook has now made it easy by verifying the official Facebook Page.

The official page verified has so far gained a following in excess of 3000 likes and the rate of subscription is growing faster than any other page of a presidential candidate in 2021 Presidential race.

John Katumba is a youthful presidential candidate who gained popularity when his car broke down to a flat tyre and he had to run on foot to the nomination grounds.

Throughout the campaigns, the ‘Katumba Oyee’ candidate has managed to attract a fan base through sympathy, admiration and support from young people.

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When he gained popularity, many of his fans opened Facebook pages and twitter handles in his names making it difficult for his supporters and people following his campaign trial to know the real, authentic profiles to follow. With Facebook verifying his page, the OneWay team will now know the real Katumba John to be followed.

Katumba John Official Page

Whereas there are many twitter handles in John Katumba’s names and all claiming to be official handles, twitter is yet to verify the official account of John Katumba.

Social media companies introduced Page and profile verification to help users identify real/authentic pages of their favorite celebrities. Facebook uses its own algorithm to identify which pages are real and which pages are parody pages so as to verify only real pages managed by the celebrity or public figure.

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