"Stop shouting that Lodges are too expensive, tuli mu struggle"- NUP supporters in Nothern Uganda

Posted on Nov 11, 2020
By Sean Musa Carter
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Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu aka Bobi Wine and his supporters under National Unity Platform (NUP) are currently in Nothern Uganda ona trek of searching for Presidential votes but the comrades that went with him are complaining over the 15k charges lodges and hotels.

Supporters of Robert Kyagulanyi have been on their social media pagest complaining that Lodges are too expensive for them to afford.

Others even stated how they espected them to be cheaper than what they are as they did not budget for any of it yet they still have alot of places allover the country to tour.

Now a staunch supporter of Bobi Wine, Patricia Sewungu has taken it to her social media pages and seriously bashed out to them;

"A lodge in North of uganda should be around 15K to 20k standard for the soldiers in the struggle, stop manipulating us .... even the principal is on a budget ... stop extorting money from us.... tukoye ...

This is a struggle not a luxurious holiday ... WE STILL HAVE SO MANY PLACES TO GO TO , if you feel like your on holiday pliz go back to kampala.... Webake mu Serena, Tubakoye .... tubakoye tubakoye nyo nyo .......

Wamma thank you for those boys and girls who have sacrificed fully , those that think we shall babysit you mbasekeledde.... everyone is doing what they can .....ENNO STRUGGLE SI MERE KULYA."- she posted.

This has left many arguining and others laughing hard to the prices the struggl comrades are complaining about.

A lodge in North of uganda should be around 15K to 20k standard for the soldiers in the struggle, stop manipulating us...

Posted by Patricia Ssewungu on Tuesday, November 10, 2020

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