A List of 14 Key Points From Bobi Wine Musinguzi's Presidential Manifesto

Posted on Nov 08, 2020
By Sean Musa Carter
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National Unity Platform (NUP) party launched its campaign manifesto for the 2021 general elections and Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu aka Bobi Wine laid his Manifesto on table. Here we have all the 14 key points he mentioned in a summary.

The launch which was thronged by hordes of Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert aka Bobi Wine supporters was fruitful and left many NRM party members in despair and shumbles in Mbarara.

Below are Key Points from Bobi Wine's Manifesto:

1. Our promise to the youth of Uganda, we shall ensure we find meaningful employment for you. We want to create at least 5 million jobs. We shall invest in technology and a massive scale of industrialization. Our promise to all Ugandans is that we shall safeguard their land. We shall put an end to the enormous scale of land grabbing. If it is done, justice must prevail.

2.  My call to all the citizens continues to be that please turn up in large numbers to vote; let’s vote and take the responsibility to guard that vote; if anybody tries to tamper with, it will be our responsibility. We have done that in Kyadondo and in Jinja. No amount of oppression can stop an idea whose time has come. God being on our side, we shall win this struggle.

3. Bobi Wine: A renewed commitment to the citizens of Uganda for respect of fundamental human rights.  In a Uganda, where citizens are free to enjoy their God-given rights.

4. A vote for NUP will be a vote for the protection of our natural resources in Uganda, those that Gen. Museveni treats like personal wealth. A vote for zero tolerance of corruption, a vote for a smaller yet effective public administration, fewer MPs, fewer ministers, and effective administration.

5. A vote for the NUP, is a vote for massive investment in sports and athletics. We all know that the few times our flag has flown high in the sky has been largely because of our sportsmen and women.

6.  A vote for NUP is a vote for improved welfare for our health workers, police officers and teachers, national transformation. A vote of closing the income gap between the rich and the poor.

7. A vote for NUP is a vote for servant leadership. If you make me your President, I will not be your boss. Leaders are supposed to be servants.

8. Country women and men, I call upon you today to vote for me and NUP. A vote for NUP is a vote for democracy, equality and fairness. Constitutional reform where we shall restore the term limits. In the new Uganda, it will be treason for anybody to change the constitution. It will be treason for any leader to try and extend their power beyond the presidential terms.

9. Women will have equal opportunity as men. This is our promise to Uganda. In the new Uganda, the opposition will not be the biggest enemy of the state. We shall fight poverty, disease and ignorance.

10. Our future does not lie in what we promise today; it is in the commitment to improve the lives of Ugandans, artists like myself, comedians, and our day will have come.

11. The people in the diaspora that continue supporting our struggle, we shall make sure that you come back home, you will have reason to invest in Uganda. You will have reason to bring your friends to Uganda.

12. My heart is with the people of Mbarara and Ankole. Low prices for their milk and matooke. So many farmers have lost their cows. We are young people, we must change the style of doing things.

13.  NUP shall begin setting up trust funds; this will benefit mostly secondary students and those that leave school early. The funds can be banked domestically and overseas, and this way, we shall promote a saving culture in young people.

14. We shall ensure at least 15% of the budget goes to the health sector, and mostly to the women. Our promise to local investors, we shall treat you the same as foreign investors. We shall give you tax waivers and energy subsidies; in our Government, doing business in Uganda will be fun for Ugandans.

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