"Stop yapping about who is chewing my tiny sumbie, its non of your business"- Zahara Totto

Posted on Oct 28, 2020
By Kiggundu Abraham
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NBS TV's Zahara Nalumansi alias Totto has cautioned haters and concerned social media in-laws to let her be and stay out of her controversial life.

The TV Star is of recent dominating headlines given her messy kind of social life mention her sensitive struggle of changing sumbie chewers like clothes from Don Solo, Reuben Robert and now Din Lubega Bahati something that has forces furious in-laws to take her on bitterly.

This follows a recent video of Zahara Toto while in cozy moods swapping saliva with Don Bahati went viral on social media, leaving a number of people disappointed as they wondered why she was cheating on her on and off partner and the University of Pain CEO.

Zahara Toto has now fired back by claiming that her haters need to fix themselves rightly in their lanes and let go of matters concerning her men and children or else she will be left with no option but rather blocking them from accessing her socials.

"Did any body ever tell you that #fieldmarshal_enetertainer_z_totto is never moved by social media losser’s comments ? Lol trust me there is nothing you will ever say or talk about me that will change me . Why don’t pple learn to fix there nose where it belongs ? My kids , my men , my life , who I’m fking or fkt, who am dating is all my non of your business! Stay in lane guys . AM ME! But WhO are YOU ? by the way this post is posted to block all the fake pages and people with negative vibes on all my pages ! Be warned !."- Zahara Totto.

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