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"Just Because am a Slay Queen Doesn't Mean I Give My Sumbie to Everyone"- Zahara Totto

Celebrated Lugambo Queen Zahara Totto has come out furiously thereby hitting hard at critics branding her a prostitute because of embracing a slaying career. On behalf of the Ugandan Slaying Associ

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"You would be the most beautiful face on TV but you look like a Jerrycan"- Angry fan tells Zahara Totto

An Angry fan has opened up a war with NBS TV's Zahara Totto who ended up firing back live bullets in these screenshots that we have obtained. NBS TV presenter Zahara Totto has been forced on Fr

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"You're Broke You Can't Feed Me, I'll Never Apologize"- Zahara Totto to Faridah Nakazibwe

Faridah Nakazibwe and Zahara Totto's fight has taken a new twist after the NBS TV star slipped her tongue on a hot stove promising to never spologize to a broke fella. Zahara Totto promised she

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"Stop your Idiocy and respect my hustle, I am better than you"- Zahara Totto fires at Faridah

"Let’s talk real numbers and not social media idiocy. Field Marshall Entertainer rules this gams" Zahara Totto bitterly fired back at Faridah Nakazibwe partly through her socials. C

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Zahara Totto and MC Luzze in a nasty fight after him exposing how her Kids stay like forgotten dogs

The unapologetic NBS TV Presenter Zahara Totto has lost her cool to the extent of failing to tame her tongue and showered Record TV's Luzze Anderson with a forest of abuses for disrespect. Not

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Zahara Totto In a Bitter Fight With Her Boyfriend Reuben Robert, OneLord Kaiyz Saves the Day

If you watched NBS Uncut show last evening am sure you wondered why Zahara Totto was not on set but rather OneLord Kaiyz was, apparently she got into a nasty fight with her new boyfriend Reuben Robert

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Zahara Totto's Boyfriend Survives Robbery, 4 Men Arrested at Gun Point (VIDEO)

Having learnt that Zahara Totto's boyfriend, Don Solomon withdrew 450 Million Shillings from the bank two days ago, his former bestfriend and assistant George Agaba led a gang of robbers to break

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Zahara Totto Taken On an International Valentines Day Bonk Session in Mombasa

Media personality Zahara Totto is currently away on holiday in Mombasa with her new wombshifter who is willing to pump in cash after she broke up with her Nigerian lover Don Solo. According to repo


Zahara Totto worryingly close to Da Twins' Daniel Ssewagude, fans worried they're chewing each other

Tagged with a reputation of chewing celebrities that fly into the country, media personality Zahara Totto has been spotted with Da Twins aka Ganda Boys' crew member Daniel Ssewagude which has worr

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Zahara Totto in a nasty war with city slay queen over her 'Teddy Bear' boyfriend Sulaiman (Screenshots)

There's a nasty on going war between Nxt radio and NBS TV employee Zahara Totto and a city slay queen who has been trying to chew her teddy bear boyfriend Toni Sulaiman's cassava. Zahara To

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Zahara Totto's Boyfriend Toni Suleman Finally Reportedly Arrested

Latest reports confirm how media personality Zahara Totto is curretly in tears after her pose-boyfriend Toni Suleman Taban being arrested. We have been alerted that Zahara Totto’s lover, Tony

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Zahara Totto Speaks Out About Her Boyfriend Being Among FBI's Most Wanted Thieves

A few days ago Blizz Uganda investigative team unveiled how media personality Zahara Totto's boyfriend Suleman is a renown wanted fugitive and now she has opened up about it all.Now Zahara Totto durin

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EXPOSED: Zahara Totto's Boyfriend Wanted For Robbery in Australia, Shocking Proof

Latest reports Blizz Uganda is receiving from trusted sources state how media personality Zahara Totto's new boyfriend Suleman Toni Taban is wanted for robbery in Australia.Nigerian conman Tony Taban

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Zahara Totto survives jail after her boyfriend Toni failing to pay for their b0nking pad at Skyz Hotel (Screenshots)

Latest news coming through to Blizz Uganda desks indicates how media personality Zahara Totto survived jail after her Nigerian boyfriend failing for their hotel room at Skyz Hotel Naguru.Blizz Uganda

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Proof that Zahara Totto's Car Number Plate Is Fake Leaks, See All Here

A few days ago Blizz Uganda came out and revealed how media personality Zahara Totto's car from her Nigerian boyfriend is fake and now we have the proof here for you.Zahara Toto was reportedly  gifte

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EXPOSED: Zahara Totto's New Man is a Fake, Even the Car was Just Rented

City TV presenter Zahara Toto has been parading off her new lover for some weeks now but Blizz Uganda has landed on the shaming information.According too our snoops, Zahara Totto and her Nigerian man


"My Man Bought Me A House, I Have a Full Mansion"- Zahara Totto Brags

After her showing off her new car from her new Nigerian man bought for her, NBS Television presenter Zahara Totto has now bragged how he bought her a new house.Speaking to the camera's Zahara Totto st

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"My Soulmate Isn't a Love Nigga"- Zahara Totto Brags While Parading Off Cash

Tired of love games and the 'so called love niggas', Media personality Zahara Totto has proved that her new soulmate isn't among the 'Semyekozos' by parading off cash to prove her thigh power.The NBS-

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VIDEO: Zahara Totto Reveals the Face of Her Sugar Daddy, Not What You Expected

Media personality and events emcee Zahara Totto can't stop making statements to the public that she is finally engaged and no longer searching with her latest move being revealing of the face of his s

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Zahara Totto Parades Off Her Sugar Daddy, the Man Irrigating Her Thighs (VIDEO)

Media personality, NBS Television UNCut presenter and events MC,  Zahara Totto is in love again.The gossip monger after trying out several failed relationships, it seems like Zahara Totto has now fin

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Zahara Totto Opens Up About Allegations of Urinating On Bed

Like the word Gossip sounds, it’s sometimes so fascinating to hit at the back of its media personality/presenters and feel the reactions and backfire after all tit for tat is a fair game.The narrati


Zahara Totto Biography, All Facts You Didn’t Know About Her

Currently, it is hard to talk about Ugandan Entertainment and Gossip shows then leave out the brown skinned Next Media Services presenter called Zahara Totto of the NBS Uncut show on both NBS and Sany


You Are Nothing: Fame Lounge replaces MC Kats with Zahara Totto, DJ Shiru and MC Persy

The Kololo based Fame Lounge has already replaced the fired MC Kats with new partners to take on the Wednesday night party. As MC Kats is still fighting Fame Lounge bosses and trolling them allov

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EXPOSED: Zahara Totto in a Private Relationship With Bryan White

Forget about the Diamond-Zari love project, the latest cozy and romantic pair in town currently is Spark TV’s Zahara Totto and tycoon Bryan White who are busy showering themselves with endless love


Zahara Totto Dirty Dances For Korede Bello, Fans Disgusted

Spark TV’s mouth watered Lugambo presenter Zahara Totto went on with her usual business of exploiting the weakness in top celebrities by disorganising the h0rny Nigerian music super star Koredo Bell

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