Zahara Totto Lists 5 Shocking Reasons Why She Broke Up with Don Solo (Screenshots)

Posted on Aug 11, 2020
By Kiggundu Abraham
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Celebrated gossip rumourmonger and media personality Field Marshall Zahara Totto real name, Zahara Nalumansi has finally opened up about her bitter break up with longtime boyfriend, Don Solomon.

The entire social media is currently covered up with stories about the bitter break up between the NBS Uncut presenter and boyfriend that had of latest been linked to betrayal and cheating as the celebrated mother through her Snapchat had previously narrated.

However, Blizz Uganda has landed on the credible and uncensored truth from Zahara Totto as to why she moved on from her previous relationship with Don Solomon with all the details summarised below;

Watch the Fight of their Fight Below:

1. First and foremost, Zahara had to call it quits from Don Solomon due to betrayal and cheating as his former boyfriend had become a womanizer who often used to sleep with a series of city whores with the most common being the Rwandan Queen_Ann_Love as she is christened on Instagram account moreover in her bedsheets. This really turned on Zahara who felt totally undermined by an unfaithful partner.

2. Secondly, it concerns with the fact that Don Solomon has been stealing money from Totto so as to fulfill his s@xual desires without her know how given the fact that she is used to keeping money in her house. According to Totto, her former boyfriend was also borrowing money from her and failing to pay pack a huge sum that was bulging each and every day.

3. Zahara Totto had become jealousy having learnt that her former boyfriend was cheating on her with Queen_Ann_Love moreover in her bedsheets something that had become habitual most especially when ever she was attending to her duties.

4. Don Solomon had become a womanizer who spared no skirt in the city something that posed more worry to Totto to move on so as not to contract STDS.

5. Totto is accusing Don Solomon of battering her endlessly whereby she reached to the extent of even getting a miscarriage for his baby.

Zahara Totto claims that Don Solomon is now trying to cover up soil on his previous mistakes by smearing cow dung on Zahara Totto thereby releasing videos of their previous bedroom fights that usually happened after misunderstandings.

Check out the screen shots below;

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