LatePaul Kafeero's Family Finally Accepts Never to Dig Out His Body

Posted on Jul 02, 2020
By Kiggundu Abraham
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Children of the late local singer and Kadongo Kamu country music maestro, Prince Paul Job Kafeero have reached to a consensus of letting their father rest in peace by not exhuming his body remains.

The development follows an outcry from stake holders in the local entertainment industry and fans among others cautioning the move by the late Prince Job Paul Kafeero children that was aimed at exhuming their father’s body so as to conduct DNA tests.

The bitter fight among the family of the late kadongo kamu legend started when some of his children accused their siblings of not having Kafeero’s true blood. This forced them to conduct DNA tests which in the end came out showing that out of the many children (more than 10), only four were Kafeero’s biological children.

This did not go well with the rest of the children who demanded that their father’s body be exhumed to conduct the DNA tests from his remains citing that they did not trust the results from the previous tests.

The disgruntled children are also accusing the four of their siblings of stealing and selling the late’s properties behind their back. They say the group now wants to sell the burial grounds of their father, a move they cannot allow to be carried out.

Led by the late singer's brother Nende, they have reached to a consensus with events promoter Balaam Barugahara to link up with the doctor who claims to have remains of of Paul Kafeero's DNA so that they can use them and identify the late singer's true blood.

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