"B2C Must give us hundreds of millions or they'll never sing again"- Harriet Sanyu's family threatens

Posted on September 12, 2019
By Sean Musa Carter
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Blizz Uganda had a chat with the son of Kadongokamu singer Harriet Sanyu called Derrick and he revealed to us how they are going to jeopardize the music career of B2C MusicUg to never copy any song again. Most so to never sing again They want a compesation of millions from the group.


Through a phone call chart, Blizz Uganda reporter was able to talk to Harriet Sanyu's son called Derrick and since the singer is not in the country, the son took us through what their concern is all about when it comes to the B2C boys who remade her song.

The "Tebigatika" song by B2C is apparently a remake of Harriet Sanyu's old song but the trio made a remix of it together with Producer Nessim and now Harriet wants a compensation of Millions.

We were also told that Harriet Sanyu hates it when people remake other legend's songs so that is why she doesn't want people to play with her songs.



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