Singer Vivian Mimi Opens Up About Rumors Of Dating Vocalist Liam Voice, Leaves Fans Shocked

Posted on March 25, 2024
By Sean Musa Carter
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Celebrity Gossip

For the past few months, rumors have been going around stating how singer Vivian Mimi is chewing fellow singer Liam Voice but now she has truly opened up and revealed the truth behind their intimancy and the worryingly close video clips that have been leaking recently.

Speaking out exclusively to Blizz Uganda snoops, Vivian Mimi opened up about the rumors and she adamantly denied these accusations, stating that they are nothing more than just baseless rumors.

"I am shocked and disappointed that such false information has been spread about me, Liam Voice is a colleague and friend, and our relationship is purely professional.

I understand that the public eye can sometimes magnify innocent interactions, but I assure you, there is no truth to these dating rumors"- Vivian Mimi laughed abit as she told our reporter.

Vivian Mimi

Vivian Mimi went on to express her frustration with the constant scrutiny and invasion of privacy that comes with being in the public eye, infact she begged all her fans to ignore all the rumors and only wait for what comes out of her mouth.

"As artists, we should be focusing on our craft and sharing our music with the world, not perpetuating harmful gossip and speculation"- she added.

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Liam Voice has also released a statement in support of Vivian Mimi, stating; "Vivian is an incredibly talented artist, and I am honored to work with her. Our friendship and collaboration are built on mutual respect and a shared passion for music, nothing more."

Vivian Mimi with Liam Voice

With both Vivian Mimi and Liam Voice denying the rumors, it seems clear that there is no substance to the accusations. Fans can rest assured that the focus will remain on their music and artistry, rather than unfounded gossip.