Vivian Mutanda's Mother Tears Apart Her Ex Husband For Demanding Their Child's Rights

Posted on May 22, 2020
By Kiggundu Abraham
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"Leave my daughter alone" Vivian Mutenda's mother in a social media feud with her her alleged 'Father',.

The alleged mother to Vivian Mutanda alias Namutebi Ramlah, one of the girls pinning faded city money bags Bryan White of human trafficking and sexual harassment has come out bitter at a one Jjingo, who is claiming paternity rights of her daughter thereby cautioning the imposter to leave her daughter alone.

Mr. Jjingo, the alleged father to Vivian Mutanda recently confessed during an exclusive interview how his daughter was initiated into the Bryan White Foundation by his baby mama after divorcing her and it was disappointing to see to it that they are incriminating Bryan White over baseless issues.

To prove that what he was saying was factual, the trained Water Engineer revealed how ready he was to go for a DNA test to certify evidence that he was Vivian's dad.

Now, Vivian Mutanda's mother who is purportedly not in the country has hit back her daughter's alleged father vowing to finish him off in a mafia way if he doesn't stop tarnishing her reputation in the public.

In a leaked audio clip, Vivian's mother who seems to be in support of Bryan White's works is pinning Mr. Jjingo as a fraudster who is behind all the dirty games of fighting the faded city money bags career for personal motives.

Watch the Video Below:

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