"Please save us poor people"- Anna Talia Oze begs President Museveni to ban paying rent

Posted on Apr 09, 2020
By Kiggundu Abraham
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Next Media's Betty Nambooze commonly Anatalia Ozze is ranting at the recently concluded State of the Nation address on Covid-19 where president Museveni allegedly failed to come to the tenants rescue by banning rent payment.

Apart from utilities, rent was another center of focus by many Ugandans which they anxiously awaited to be handled metallically by "Tata Natasha" at least banning it for a while until the current state of restlessness is settled but the Fountain of honour just beat around the bush according to the NBSUNCUT show host.

As a business proprietor, Anna Talia has cited a forest of reasons as to why the issue of rent payment to landlords wasn't handled amicably by the president in relation to the currently unemployed small scale business operators

"Dear Mr President. I am a small business owner at Equatorial mall whose rent is due in a few days, During the recent state address I was looking out for the relief plan on Rent and Loans.

I appreciate your concern and decision to stop Landlords who had already tried to evict people because of rent during these hard times. But Mr President;

1. What is the way forward for small business owners who have standing Bank loans?

2. During the state address you warned Landlords to stop demanding money ( rent ) until the trying time is over. Does this mean we shall have to pay rent to cover up for lockdown when we get there?

3. If so , How shall we pay now that business is down and we are depending on our -Ka- small Capital?

On behalf of Boutique,Saloon,Rest­aurant and all small business owners we request you to address our queries.

Nambooze Annet."

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