Hon Ruth Aceng Speaks Out On How to Help Eddy Kenzo Stuck in Ivory Coast

Posted on Apr 02, 2020
By Kiggundu Abraham
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The Minister of Health , Hon. Jane Ruth Aceng has advised Ugandans that were locked out of the country amidst the fight against the coronavirus pandemic mention the likes of BET Award winner Eddy Kenzo to adhere to health guidelines in the countries where they are most especially social distancing as they await for the right time when they will be allowed back home.

Despite the very many Ugandans that were locked out from returning to their motherland due to the current global pandemic, the famed singer has for the past weeks been at the front line of fighting for his freedom so as to return back home.

Eddy Kenzo reached to the extent of crying out for help from the alien country of Ivory Coast where he is as his fears stemmed from the constant death of people after succumbing to the virus and brutality of law enforcers on peole not following health guidelines hence pleading to the authorities back home to allow him get back home.

Minister Aceng during a presser on Thursday morning has cemented the fact how there are thousands of Ugandans who were locked out of the country but just need to follow health guidelines from where they are currently as they await for the right time to get back home.

"Look after yourself, maintain social distancing from the country you are and Time will come for you to come back home," Stated Hon. Jane Ruth Aceng, Minister for Health in the Ugandan Cabinet.

Meanwhile, Dr Hamza Ssebunya also spoke out about the coronavederus outbreak and gave out his side.

Watch the video below:

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