"That insect just wants to attack me"- Daddy Andre cries in vain after Nadia accusing him

Posted on Mar 26, 2020
By Kiggundu Abraham
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After being pinned by upcoming singer Nadia Rania who came out recently and accused music producer Daddy Andre for sexually assaulting her given the shocking rate at which he was demanding s@x from her in exchange for studio work, the "Sikikukwekwa" singer has spoken out asserting that its a big shame that he is being embarrassed by a struggling artistes since he can't date desperate chics.

The Uganda Music Producer, singer and songwriter Daddy Andre or Andre On the Beat was exposed by upcoming singer Nadia Rania for the countless times he had kept begging to chew her sumbie thereby pitifully wondering how musician Angella Katatumba went on with a relationship with a person like Andre who lacks self control.

According to Nadia, every time she called Andre about the shoot of their music collabo, he always dodged her and when she texted him on WhatsApp, he started asking her for s@x.

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During a phone call interview with Spark TV, the Andre denied sexually assaulting the upcoming artiste rather than accusing her of trying to seek premature fame and stardom by tarnishing her reputation.

According to Daddy Andre, he has never asked any money from artistes for collaborations and is amazed to see to it that desperate chics seeking for fame and stardom are doing whatever they can to tarnish reputations of established celebrities.

Daddy Andre claims the reason he couldn't hand over Nadia's work to her simply is that it isn't the right season for releasing music no wonder he couldn't be forced for a shoot since the later is neither his mother nor father.

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The producer has revealed how his business with Nadia is no more as he is now handing her over to his management in the US to deal with her accordingly.

“I don’t have time, I just returned from Mauritius, and when some singers are desperate to be known, they create such allegations. I am not ready to shoot the video because I don’t want the song to go out yet, this is not a season to start releasing songs, she has to be patient until the day I want to shoot, and she can’t force me into it because she is not my mother or father to force me into anything,” Andre added.

"I thought I was helping her as a friend but if she wants serious business she should talk to the label I am signed to, to conclude everything about the video shoot,” Stated producer Andre

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