Promoter Ali Nursing Bum Wounds after Allegedly Being Raped by Keem Love and 6 Friends

Posted on March 19, 2020
By Sean Musa Carter
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Reports Blizz Uganda have recieved from Wandegeya Police Station allege how renown Gay Activist Keem Love Black and 6 of his/her friends forcefully bum-drilled city promoter known as Ali Luvie Luvie.

According to Ali, aka Promoter Ali who is nursing intense bum wounds, he has already ran to Police and reported a case of aggravated rape against city patier Keem Love and six others guys after inviting him to a party from where everything turned Nasty.

Ali has gone an extra mile and accused Keem and friends of drugging him to an extent of weaking his whole body as he couldn't fight back when the crew was busy feasting on him during this private party.

Keem Love Black

Blizz Uganda team has tried getting in touch with Keem Love for a comment about the whole incident but failed to get concretive denial or confirmation of Ali's allegations.

Promoter Ali has also gone ahead to his Facebook and narrated the whole story claiming that Keem Love invited him for a party at his apartment in Kampala. Since the two had been friends for a long time, he accepted the offer.

“I found six men who he introduced to me. I was then handed a drink in a glass. But after just 20 minutes, I was knocked out and blacked out. I don’t remember what happened next, I woke up naked in the middle of Keem and the six guys. We were all naked, with my butt oozing blood. It was shattered. I instantly knew I had been raped. The pain was out of this world” Promoter Ali narrated.

After all that, Ali claims that he then demanded for money from Keem to go to hospital for medical attention and treatment, but his request was turned arrogantly down as he has never gone through such pain before in his life.

“He even never cares for me oe my buttocks. I was in tears all this time. The more I demanded for money for treatment, Keem insisted I should use the money he had always given me” Ali coninues to claim.

Blizz Uganda investigative team is still focused on this story to find out where it ends. We shall keep you posted.


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