Dangerous STD's rock Kampala Lesbians Association, Over 100 Members Exposed with Photos

Posted on Feb 24, 2020
By Sean Musa Carter
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Shocking reports Blizz Uganda has received confirm how dangerous Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), and other strange diseaseslike; Hepatitis B, throat and mouth cancer have rocked the secret Kampala Lesbian group as we get to expose some of the top members of the association.

According to a list revealed in Exclusive info,  as with the community, it spreads through unprotected s@x as revealed by a former member since the group members keep sharing and sleeping with multiple partners shared in the group.

The reckless s@x is the order of the day in the group and for them, their life is all about chewing themselves through kissing, licking and use of fingers on as many girls as possible.

That’s why most end up contracting diseases like cancer of the mouth and Hepatitis B because they don’t check each other first, and don’t use any protection.

Meanwhile, a Facebook member by the names of Sheila Luwice, also a daughter of a UPDF General was exposed as the ‘ring leader’ in the highly secretive lesbian association. Sheila is one of the the admins of the WhatsApp and secret Facebook page where girls share intimate moments.

The two groups; Lesbian Organization Uganda and Uganda Lesbian and Gay Pride Society boast thousands of members from all walks of life.

These Facebook groups are Secret/Closed. This implies that information shared within is only accessed by members, meaning your daughter, best friend, sister, wife, mother or even grand mom could be a member.

Most of the members of these groups are young girls aged between 18 to 30. All activities inside the group, from posts, likes, messages, and chats are only seen by members on their respective timelines.

This is because the group is set as secret (confidential). And only group admins can add a member after thorough scrutiny. A questionnaire is set to one’s email. You must be totally convincing to be added. The groups also aim to make all LGBTQI feel safe and welcome in Uganda.

They organise trips all over the country with the one having taken place on Independence day and these chewing sessions are field trips organised by Leah Kalungi, a former beauty queen. On these trips, the group aims at connecting queer travellers to one another in hopes of building a solid network of LGBTQ.

Below are photos of some of the members:


Source: Xclusive Uganda

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