Bebe Cool bitterly splits with band manager Josh Killar, he runs to Grenade Official for new job

Posted on Nov 18, 2019
By Kiggundu Abraham
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The Gagamel Entertainment boss, Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool had a nasty fight with his band manager Josh Kabuye aka Killar and the two split leaving Josh to run to Grenade.

According to Blizz Uganda credible sources, we have been informed that for a while now, Josh has been trying to go indipendent since Bebe Cool started working with Bushingtone, the former manager of Lydia Jazmine until when things ran out of line and the twi separated.

We have also been alerted that Josh has now decided to run Grenade official's career as a manager since Grenade doesn't have any management he is signed onto since he stopped working with Jeff Kiwa of Team No Sleep.

The 'Wire Wire' singer Bebe Cool over the weekend through his Facebook official account where he went on to applaud his former manager for the work well done and promising to reveal his new handler and management in a bit.

"ATTENTION: Gagamel company would like to thank Josh Kabuye for the good work and contribution towards Gagamel as a whole. 
The former band manager has left the company and we wish him the very best in his next life. 
Management will be updating the public about the new handler in that position and also the full management structure will be updated for public acknowledgement and contact purpose," Said Bebe Cool.

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