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Grenade Official Romances New Girlfriend Live on Camera, Leaves Ex-Lovers Heartbroken

Singer Grenade Official has continued to sting his ex lovers while showing off his new cassava chewer, a curvacious girl that has left many wondering how he landed such a RangeRover. Grenade offici


New Girlfriend Forces Grenade Official to Convert to Islam

A Reliable source has revealed how singer Deus Ndugwa aka Grenade Official is being forced to convert to Islam in order to be able to marry his new muslim fiance just days after announcing his Kukyala

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Grenade Official Parades Off New Girlfriend, Replaces Nalongo Maggie

Singer Deus Ndugwa aka Grenade Official has officially paraded off his new girlfriend, moving on and replacing Nalongo Maggie Kaweesi after being snatched away by Rabadaba. When he previously annou

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Grenade Official Bitterly Breaks Up with Manager Derrick, Terminates Contract

Rydim Empire boss, Manager Derrick Orone recently signed singer Grenade Official after he fell out with Team No Sleep's Jeff Kiwa and now he has also dumped him. According to latest info we rec

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Grenade Official Undresses Lydia Jazmine and Chews Her Live in 'Feelings' Music Video

Singer Grenade Official has finally put a ring on songbird Lydia Jazmine's middle finger as a confirmation of their intimacy in "Feeling" new music video. Grenade and Lydia Jazmine ha


Grenade Dumps Karma Ivan, Now Signed by Mary Bata's Ex Manager Derrick

‘Nkuloga’ hit singer Deus Ndugwa aka Grenade Official has finally signed his very first management contract after dumping Karma Ivan for Manager Derrick. Singer Grenade Official has fin

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"You are my sweet addiction"- Grenade Official wows Zari Hassan again, she melts in Love

Singer Grenade Official has not yet had enough of Zari Hassan, he has poured out all his emotions again and left her melting in love and romance. The two have been romantically linked although they

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Grenade Official Cries For Zari's Love in 'Zarinah' Song, Download Here

The 22 year old singer, real names Deus Ndugwa aka Grenade Official has continued to express his love for Zari Hassan aka Zarinah Tlale aka Zari the Boss Lady, a 39 year old woman through this new son


"I don't want to spoil his career, it's time to speak the truth"- Grenade Official's cassava chewer spills more

Renown city bum shafter Beyonce Max Jo has confidently vowed to unmask his entire affair with fast rising singer Grenade Official Basajjamivule publicly. The development follows the uncertainty tha

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Grenade Official Reportedly Looses Record Label Contract Over Homosexual Rumors

Latest shocking reports coming through state how singer Grenade Official has lost his record label contract with a U.K based music team because of the never ending homosexuality rumors. According t

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"I am the one now chewing Grenade's cassava"- Renown city bum driller confesses with proof

A renown city bumshufter known as  Beyonce Max Jo through series of confessions has revealed how he is the one now enjoying singer Deus Bukenya alias Grenade Official as the two are now reportedl

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NO WASTING TIME: Grenade Official Replaces Nalongo Maggie with New Hot Chic, Screenshots Here

Omusimi Grenade Official has no time to waste. After dumoing the late AK47’s widow Nalongo Maggie Kiweesi, he has paraded off a new hot chic whose bean he's feasting on. As the two brutal

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ASHAMED: Grenade apologizes about the leaking of his bedroom secrets, fails to deny the allegations (Video)

Even though he doesn't deny being bum drilled by God's Plan's friends, Eddy Kenzo and Harmonize, ashamed singer Grenade Official has apologized to his fans and friends in this video clip.

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SHOCKING AUDIO: Nalongo Maggie exposes how Grenade, Eddy Kenzo and Harmonize bum-shafted eachother in dubai

After dumping her few months lover, singer Grenade Official has now been exposed by Nalongo Maggie Kaweesi for having been bum-shufted while in Dubai with Eddy Kenzo and Harmonize a few weeks ago. She

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After Chewing Her Sumbie, Grenade Official Dumps the Bedridden Nalongo Maggie

Singer Grenade Official has dumped his few months girlfriend, the late singer AK47's widow Nalongo Maggie Kaweesi who is also in a poor condition and nurseing a serious illness in hospital. The


Grenade Official Signed Up By New Management

Formerly believed to have been working under Jeff Kiwa's Team No Sleep Music Record Label, singer Deus Ndugwa alias Grenade Official has gotten a new management and record label known as Hustle Re

Grenade Official's Woman, Nalongo Maggie Down with a Strange Terrible Disease (Video)

Latest report Blizz Uganda has received confirm how singer Grenade official's other woman, Nalongo Maggie is currently down with a strange disease she has been nursing for two full week. According

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Grenade Official Opens Up About His Love For AK47's Kids, Unbelievable (VIDEO)

Former Team No Sleep singer Grenade Official has come out and revealed his undying love for late singer AK47's children as he is now dating their mother Nalongo Maggie Kaweesi.Even though Grenade also

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AK47's Widow Nalongo Maggie Reportedly Pregnant For 22year Old Singer Grenade Official

Latest news Blizz Uganda has received from our sources indicate how singer Grenade Official, real names Ndugwa Deus is currently expecting a child with late singer AK47's widow Nalongo Maggie Kaweesi.

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Grenade Official Confirms Chewing Nalongo Maggie, Shares Intimate Video, Watch Here

Could this be the reason Grenade Official was fired from Team No Sleep? Having hooked up with the Late AK47's baby Mama, Maggie who was also part of Team No Sleep? We are yet to know.Former Team No Sl

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Grenade Official jumps from SK Mbuga's wife to AK47's widow, Confirms how he's chewing her (Screenshots)

A few months back, new kid on the block Grenade Official was rumored to be feasting on socialite SK Mbuga's wife Vivian Chebet and now news on Blizz Uganda desks indicates how she is b0nking the late

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