Catholic Priest Father Lucian Trending ‘Kwepicha‘ Video Showing Him Chewing ‘Enkudi‘ Goes Viral

Posted on June 01, 2024
By Editor
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Just a few days to the long-waited for Martyrs Day celebrations, a Catholic Priest identified as Father Lucian Twinamatsiko released his Kwepicha video while eating ‘Enkudi’ of a secondary school student, he even dived down and licked all the soup.

According to the video clip seen by Blizz Uganda snoops, the video that was posted on X left Ugandans wondering what he was after and why he did what he did.

In religion, Catholic priests are not allowed to marry and neither are they allowed to even be with women but there are so many incidents where they have been caught with money and have no explanation for it. 

This Father used the tongue that should be prophesying the word of God to eat the forbidden fruit and one thing that caught the eye of social media users is the warm up games

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Father Lucian Twinamatsiko was ordained to his job in 2015. He’s a popular figure in the Kabale diocese in South Western Uganda.