Chosen Becky Sparks Off Pregnancy Rumors After the Release of this New Video, is it True?

Posted on May 29, 2024
By Sean Musa Carter
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Known for always being a proud mother, singer Chosen Becky has set tongues waging after posting a video clip that left many believing she is pregnant with her fourth child.

According to the clip that has been making rounds, it shows the singer dressed in pink loose dress as she walks and dances around.

What captured many people's attention was the protruding tummy that many assumed as pregnancy.

These Speculation comes a few months after Chosen Becky giving birth to her third Child

If these rumors prove to be accurate ,this would mark a joyous milestone for Chosen Becky and her partner Dictator Amir , as they anticipate the arrival of their four child together.

The news of Chosen Becky’s possible pregnancy has sparked an outpouring of love and well -wishes from her ardent fans and followers.

Watch the video below:

We await for a confirmation!