Spice Diana Purchases 50 Kabaka Birthday Run Kits Ahead of His 69th Birthday (VIDEO)

Posted on March 13, 2024
By Sean Musa Carter
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Singer Hajarah Namukwaya aka Spice Diana has purchased 50 Kabaka birthday run kits worth a Ugx 1 million ahead of Kabaka Muwenda Mutebi's 69th Birthday celebrations, during her recent meeting at Bulange-Mengo as she was being appreciated by the Katikkiro.

The Katikkiro extended his gratitude to Spice Diana, acknowledging her significant contributions to the Buganda Kingdom. He praised her as an icon and a role model for young girls, highlighting her commitment to creating entertaining music that remains devoid of vulgarity.

"Diana's dedication to her craft and her positive influence on our youth are truly commendable," remarked the Katikkiro. "She represents the epitome of hard work, and her success is well-deserved."

In response to the warm reception, Spice Diana not only purchased kits for the upcoming Kabaka's Run but also offered to perform at the main event, free of charge. Her gesture underscores her commitment to giving back to her community and supporting initiatives that promote unity and wellness.

The Kabaka birthday run holds immense cultural significance, celebrating the birthday of the reigning Kabaka of Buganda while also promoting health and fitness among participants. Spice Diana's involvement adds a vibrant touch to the event, promising attendees an unforgettable experience.

Watch the moments below: