Why Alien Skin and Fik Gaza Camps Brutally Beat Up Eachother at Zzina Awards 2024

Posted on February 09, 2024
By Sean Musa Carter
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Galaxy FM Zzina Awards quicky turned into a battleground when rival camps of Alien Skin's Fangone Forest and Fik Gaza's Empire got into a bitter fight at the IUEA Auditorium in Kansanga raising question of how these two ended up with too much hate.

The annual awards, dedicated to celebrating the outstanding performers of 2023, took a dramatic turn as a physical altercation erupted midway through the ceremony, leaving attendees in disbelief and chaos reigning supreme.

The rivaly between Fangone and the Gaza Empire, notorious cliques in the entertainment scene, reached its boiling point as they attempted to coexist under one roof for the Zzina Awards.

The clash unfolded with several individuals caught in the crossfire, prompting Alien Skin’s team to deploy pepper spray as a desperate measure to shield themselves from the enraged Gaza Empire.

Prompt intervention by law enforcement swiftly restored order, forcing a temporary halt to the awarding ceremony. The police took charge, briefing both groups on the imperative to maintain peace before allowing the event to resume.

However, even with the authorities' intervention, it was revealed that the two factions had intentions to continue their feud post-ceremony. To avert further chaos, law enforcement ensured the rivals were escorted out of the vicinity, effectively putting an end to their conflict and returning them to their respective camps.

Watch the fight video below:


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