#Alien Skin News

Entertainment | 11 March, 2024

'Yes I Am Guarded By the SFC'- Alien Skin Confirms

Music sensation Alien Skin has upgraded his security detail to include trained p...

Celebrity Gossip | 21 February, 2024

Fik Gaza Gifted with the Same Rang Rover Alien Skin Was Driving Last Year

On 30th June 2023 as singer Alien Skin returned back to the country from a perfo...

Celebrity Gossip | 12 February, 2024

Singer Alien Skin Sets His Car on Fire, BMW Burns Down to Ashes While He Walks Away (VIDEO)

A video clip showing Fangone Forest boss, singer Alien Skin setting his car on f...

Entertainment | 10 February, 2024

Fik Gaza and Alien Skin’s Camps Forgive Eachother and Reconcile on Live TV (VIDEO)

Following their dramatic clash at the Galaxy FM Zzina Awards, rival camps Alien ...

Celebrity Gossip | 9 February, 2024

Why Alien Skin and Fik Gaza Camps Brutally Beat Up Eachother at Zzina Awards 2024

Galaxy FM Zzina Awards quicky turned into a battleground when rival camps of Ali...

Celebrity Gossip | 6 February, 2024

Alien Skin and His Crew Brutally Beat Up Jajja Bamu, Leave Him Nursing Serious Wounds

Former Fangone Forest member Jajja Bamu was yesterday, allegedly beaten up so br...

Celebrity Gossip | 22 January, 2024

VIDEO: Alien Skin and Fik Gaza's Gangs Brutally Beat Up Eachother at Sweet Kid's Studio

The longstanding battle between singers Alien Skin and Fik Gaza has gotten bitte...

Celebrity Gossip | 15 January, 2024

VIDEO: Alien Skin Pelted with Bottles While Performing Live on Stage, See What Happened

Acclaimed singer Alien Skin found himself at the center of a rather unharmonious...

Entertainment | 14 January, 2024

VIDEO: Alien Skin Chased Like a Chicken Thief from MUBS, Boring Performance and Arrogance

Makerere University School of Business (MUBS) students chased away singer Alien ...

Entertainment | 11 January, 2024

Champion Ogudo Speaks Out About His Swollen Face, Reveals What Happened if Its Witchcraft

With some people joking and calling him "Champion Oguuso," singer Alie...

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