Sheebah Karungi Finally Forgives Nina Roz After Years of Crying, The Two Kiss and Make Up

Posted on September 17, 2023
By Sean Musa Carter
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For the past few years, singer Nina Roz has been crying on every camera begging Sheebah Karungi to forgive her and take her back since she never knew where she wronged her, now the two have finally made up and cleared their beef out.

Nina Roz appeared on several interviews and stated that she used to be very good friends with Sheebah Karungi but suddenly when she started singing, the later became bitter towards her and broke off their friendship.

Since then, Nina has been trying to get back with Sheebah but all in vein, until she showed up during Sheebah's battle with Cindy and supported her.

This brought the two together as Nina even went to Sheebah's after party where the two mended their broken friendship from and worked out their issues.

After that party, Sheebah also spoke out and revealed shy she felt touched to Forgive Nina Roz.

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