Zuena Kirema Shares Photos of Her Private Wedding Ceremony with Bebe Cool, Narrates Full Story

Posted on Sep 12, 2023
By Sean Musa Carter
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Singer Bebe Cool's wife Zuena Kirema has penned down a heartfelt message as she celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary narrating how they rushed out to get a court wedding two decades ago without telling anyone else about it.

Through her social media, Zuena revealed how the pair that has five children started their love story and ended up getting married two decades ago.

The two went on to say their vows in Civil wedding at Crane Chambers on 12th September 2003 and have since become legally married.

Zuena and Bebe Cool on their wedding

"On this day 20 years ago,we exchanged our vows. With no money to buy a white gown & a proper suit(white wedding),nothing was going to stop us.
We left home and hit the road to go exchange our vows.We arrived at Crane Chambers at 1pm and by 3pm we were married 🥹
The excitement is nothing i can explain, @bebecool_ug now started calling me mukyala around the house even for unnecessary reasons 😂

Am glad that 20yrs down the road,we have stuck to each other and are truly enjoying marriage.You are my friend before my husband and i guess that’s what’s keeping us going.
Every year that passes,i get to realize how lucky i am to be your wife.

Here’s to being with you forever hand-in-hand and heart-in-heart.
I love you ❤️
Happy 20th Wedding Anniversary my love.
"- she wrote.

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