"I Walked into My Bathroom and Found a Baby's Head in the Toilet, My Maid Had Aborted"- Woman Cries

Posted on May 24, 2023
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A woman has shockily narrated a story of how her maid got pregnant and aborted in her own bathroom, she took meds and threw the baby in her toilet which refused to flush out. Police had to come and help.

Speaking out in an interview with YouTuber, The Shantal Mirrors Show, this woman whose name is not disclosed opened up about different House helps she has been hiring over the years.

This comes after Blizz Uganda has tried to do research on different people asking them how it is to have a maid the expriences and challenges they have encountered with their maids and here is what someone told us.

She narrated that; "I have used 2 maids in one month because of different reasons but the last one was pregnant and she didnt know the father. She was like 4months pregnant, she aborted it and tried to flush it into the toilet but since the pregnancy was 4 months the baby was already in the stage of having bones and head, so she didnt manage to flash it. I wanted to use the toilet but was the same toilet she was using after sometime i discovered what she was doing i called the poilce."

Watch the full shocking story below;

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