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"Our Maid Chewed Me When I Was Just 13 Years, I Started Chewing Every Maid they Brought at Home"- Man Confesses

This man has confessed how maids always use kids they are hired to take care of, especially when their bosses are not always at home. He has confessed how he was taught how to chew sumbie by his maid

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"I Walked into My Bathroom and Found a Baby's Head in the Toilet, My Maid Had Aborted"- Woman Cries

A woman has shockily narrated a story of how her maid got pregnant and aborted in her own bathroom, she took meds and threw the baby in her toilet which refused to flush out. Police had to come and he


"I Caught my Maid Redhanded Raping My 12 Year old Son, I Almost Fainted"- Mother Narrates Horific Experience

A disturbed mother has narrated a shocking story of how she caught her maid redhanded trying to rape her 12 year old son, she was found completely naked and ready to sit on his small cassava. Accor


"I Lost My father When I Was in P.4, My Mother Struggled to See Me Survive by Sleeping in Kiosks"- Vyroota Life Story

Sitting down for a one on one video chat with singer Musigazi Abdul Aziz, commonly known as Vyroota, he took us on a life challenging journey of how he started hustling at a young age, studying on bur


"I Was a House Maid But I Ran Away After Realizing My Boss Sacrificed Her Daughter for Wealth"- Dooms Day Narration

Being a housemaid gives you exclusive access into people's lives and sometimes they get to know their darkest secrets, this lady was a house help here in Uganda but realized her life was in danger


"My Girlfriend was Sleeping with Her Own Uncle and Her Family Knew"- Heartbroken Boyfriend Narrates (VIDEO)

After two complete years of dating his girlfriend, this innocently looking young man was shocked to find out that his true Love was instead dating and being chewed by her own uncle. The story has sent

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