Spark TV Suspends Live Wire Presenters Immy Candice and Flavia Mawagi Over Their Live TV Fight

Posted on Apr 29, 2023
By Sean Musa Carter
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Following their bitter fight on Live TV, Spark Television presenters for Live Wire gossip show have now been reportedly suspended from the show as a punishment and to also give them time to make up following their differences.

According to trusted sources, the two have now been suspended for a few days, and they are expected to start working next week.

Immy Candice and Flavia Mawagi got into a tense argument on April 26, 2023, midway through their presentation live on set and basing on the video that has been making rounds on social media, the argument was sparked after Flavia Mawagi interjected Immy Candice, who was telling the introduction story of Hon. Mukasa Mbidde.

Now we have been told that these two presenters Immy Candice and Flavia Mawagi will not appear on TV any time soon until management agrees to bring them back on air.

However, more details about the story are to be revealed soon.

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