Nexus Lounge to Host the Virtual Unveiling of the Voice Africa Finalists

Posted on Mar 23, 2023
By Sean Musa Carter
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The final 100 contestants of the Airtel Voice Africa singing competitions will take place in Nigeria on Sunday. The event in Nigeria will be aired live on NTV and will start at exactly 8pm.

In a press conference held on Thursday morning at Airtel offices in Kampala, the head of communications and Public Relations Mr David Birungi confirmed that they had added fun to the unveiling and it is more than just sitting on TV at home.

Mr Birungi confirmed that Nexus Lounge located in Najjera will be the place to host all Ugandans who would want to gather in one place and cheer up the 7 Ugandans that will be unveiled among the 100 others representing 14 different African countries.

Voice Africa is a singing competition that was launched a few months ago as an African wide competition. The competition started with 5,000 contestants and on Sunday, the organisers will unveil the 100 contestants with 7 of them being Ugandans.

Besides just unveiling, Mr Swalik Mutebi the manager of Nexus Lounge said that they are more than set to host the viewing night and their big screens are already set and will give the patrons a nice experience on Sunday. He went on and said that there will be lots of activities and performances from singer Winnie Nwagi and DJ Slick Stuart who will play the music.

The overall winner of the Airtel Voice Africa will take home USD100,000 which is approximately 370,000,000 Ugandan shillings.

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