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"Hajj really loved Kemi Sera but she was a loss, she doesn't know the father of her child"- Haruna Mubiru's ex-wife spills

The co-wife to former Kream Productions singer Kemi Sera, identified as Nantongo Faridah has opened up on why the singer was recently dumped by Hajj Haruna Mubiru. By fronting torture, infidelity a

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"I swear I have never lifted a finger to beat Kemi Sera"- Hajj Haruna Mubiru denies

Kream Production CEO Hajji Haruna Mubiru has trashed his girlfriend's domestic violence allegations by firing back in the 'Bagala Byanfuna' music audio. Like Bryan White, the CEO Kream

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Heartbreaking Video Of How Haruna Mubiru Brutally Beat Up, Used and Dumped Kemi Sera

Singer Kemi Sera has announced her departure from Kream Productions Band as she accuses the proprietor, Hajj Haruna Mubiru of sexually and psychologically abusing her. Famously known for the "

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Miles Rwamiti Spills Musicians' Dirty Secrets, Exposes Who and How They Use Witchcraft to Win (VIDEO)

While speaking live on camera, Spark TV presenter Miles Rwamiti has exposed different Ugandan musicians who and how they use witchcraft to win favors and get money. Rwamiti, the host of Koona on Sp


Haruna Mubiru In Deep Regret Why He Chewed 'Tubonga Nawe' Money

Band musician Hajji Haruna Mubiru, the CEO 'New Kream Production Reloaded is reportedly regretting having chewed President Museveni's campaign song 'Tubonga nawe' money given the fact

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