"I'm Sorry for Exposing How You Chew Bobi Wine's Massive Cassava in Secret"- Isma Olaxess Apologizes to Karitas Kario

Posted on December 18, 2022
By Kiggundu Abraham
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Celebrity Gossip

Controversial social media blogger Ismah Olaxess Icuuli real name, Tusubira Ismah has apologised to band musician Karitas Kario for pinning her to be HE Bobi Wine's side dish servicing his cassava.

In her latest social media gossip, the "Wendi" singer opened up how she is being character assassinated and bullied online by bloggers as they accused her of having a secret affair with the opposition National Unity Platform, NUP party Principal.

In the need to protect HE Bobi Wine's marriage as well as clear her name, Karitas Kario pleaded to social media bullies to stop as she isn't ready to give back her attention.

Through an exclusive interview with a Youtuber the 58 year old blogger has apologised to Karitas Kario revealing how he was also just informed of the rumour thereby spreading it online.

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