"I Am Going to Prepare My Money and Arrest Every Journalist Talking Nosense About Me"- Bebe Cool

Posted on Jan 23, 2022
By Sean Musa Carter
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Singer Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool has come out and promised to arrest any Ugandan journalist who ever speaks nonsense about him. He is going to collect 50Million just to throw them behind bars for life.

Speaking out during an interview on Batt Badru's YouTube channel called Vybe Life UG, Bebe Cool spoke to Dembe FM presenter Edward Sendi and promised him that now is the time to act.

He went on and stated that he has fought so much for his name to turn it into the big brand it is today for anyone to come out and kill his contracts with different companies.

"I have built my name and brand for so long for any journalist to just come and talk rubbish about me, I promise you I am going to start arresting them soon. I am going to put some money aside like 50Million as I gather my evidence and once I arrest you, you won't come out of prison"- Bebe Cool stated.

For the past few years, Bebe has been warning people talking ill about him saying that he is a big brand, Infact he always says that his name is registered as a company and copyright protected so no one should abuse or talk ill about him.

Watch the interview below:

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