Irene Ntale Bored By The Weak Lines Ugandan Men Use to Beg For Her Cookie

Posted on August 16, 2021
By Sean Musa Carter
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Former Swangz Avenue singer Irene Ntale has come out and bitterly attacked the weak lines Ugandan men are currently using on her while begging for her cookie, she claims they are a total turn off.

Through her Twitter,  Irene Ntale was asking what happened to Ugandan men as far as vibing is concerned.

"Banange no! Ugandan men don’t know how to vibe anymore what happened"- she asked.

Ntale has been using her Twitter account to look for love as she declared herself single but unfortunately she has still failed to get a suitor.

Irene has been single for years and over the past years she has been linked to several men, especially fellow musicians which have all been proven false.