Juliana Kanyomozi sheds a tear while penning down a prayer to her late son Keron, Read It Here

Posted on Sep 23, 2019
By Sean Musa Carter
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Emotional moment as songstress Juliana Kanyomozi has penned a sweet yet heart shuttering birthday message for her late son Keron.


 In 2014, the gorgeous lady watched as her son Keron Kabugo breathed his last at a Nairobi hospital and now in a completely moving Instagram message, the mother said she would light candles for her little boy who departed five years ago. Juliana proved that a mother's love goes beyond death and stays alive over the years. 

Juliana's little boy passed on after suffering a major asthma attack. The mother of one and her ex-husband were by the little boy's side at the time of his death. Juliana's ex-husband Amon Lukwago had hoped his boy would pull through but unfortunately, fate had other plans. “He breathed his last as I held him.

Before he passed away, I looked at him and he also looked in my eyes but we could not communicate. That is the time I realized that my son was going for good," Amon cried out after bidding his son goodbye. Ever since the death of her son, Juliana has never missed a moment to celebrate his birthday or reminisce about the good times. 

"My dearest son Keron happy birthday! I will light up a candle as I think of you today. You are missed by everyone," Juliana said. 


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