6 sensitive places to kiss and Arouse her During s3x

Posted on Sep 07, 2019
By Editor
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If you’re one of the people that goes straight into action, you need to calm down. Even a painter must prepare his canvas before he starts painting. Unlike the male body, the female body needs to be prepared for s(e)x. You need to arouse your woman through touching, kissing, cunnilingus and even using things like toys and other forms of matter such as food and ice cubes for instance to set the mood. There’s no way a woman will orgasm when you have not aroused her first. Remember an orgasm is a build up, it’s not something that just happens like that! Erm, you have to work for it unfortunately. Now, while we all know that places like the ears and lips (both) are super sensitive, did you know that there are other erogenous zones you should not ignore? Want to make her s3xual experience magical? Kiss and lick these parts, next time.

1. Start from the head.
Kissing the neck and nape of the head is really sensitive. Of course, you want to be sure that you’re doing it in a sensual and gentle way not like a hungry dog. You can massage the scalp as you do it and this will work best say when the lady is seated on you on a couch or on the bed. Mix these nape and neck kisses with ear kisses. Is it just me or can being kisses in the ears take you into some sort of trance? Less saliva more breath and licking. Keep your hands active as you kiss her. You could massage her inner thighs or gently rub her back as you kiss her.

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2. Once you’re done with the neck move on to her collarbone and breasts.
Okay guys, sucking on breasts is not such a nice feeling as you assume maybe for you but for some women, the breasts are not that sensitive. However, if you try and lick the side of the breasts towards the armpits, my oh now that’s quite something. Lick and kiss one breast with your full lips as you gently caress the other breast. Go easy on the nipple please, easy on the pinching, pressing and flicking. Again, more tongue and lips here.

Alternate the licking of the breasts with kissing the collarbone area which is also very sensitive.

3. Now onto the navel area.
It’s said that the navel is one of the top erogenous spots in a woman. In fact, some women have claimed to get clitoral stimulation from their navels being licked. But, don’t start immediately on the navel (hopefully she cleans it cause navels can be very dirty and stinky) kiss and lick the stomach area around the navel and gently alternate that with the navel. You can move down towards the pubic area but pace yourself, we are not yet there…

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