Evelyne Lagu Cautions those Stressing Her About her Health Status

Posted on Apr 30, 2021
By Kiggundu Abraham
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Singer cum actress Evelyne Lagu who changed name to Evelyne Love has on Thursday come out to caution ruthless revelers that are currently stressing her about her worrying health status.

With almost two months down the road ever since concerned in-laws participated in the fundraising drive to raise millions of shillings for the "Ogumanga" singer's successful kidney transplant abroad, the singer has been too silent thereby raising concern amongst critics in regards to the status of her health.

Through making her inbox busy on a daily, concerned in-laws have been bothering Evelyne Love for updates about her health status and how far she had reached as far as attaining treatment abroad.

Now through her socials, Lagu has clearly stated how she doesn't owe explanations to the public about her health status and the schedule of her treatment since she is an adult who too feels for her health.

Evelyne Lagu has called upon revelers to respect her privacy and let her be after all those demanding updates about her health are the exact fellows that didn't even contribute a penny to her fundraising drive but are just interested of making a laughing stock out of her pains.

"Am not ok but am too strong in Christ for those of u who want me sad all the time am sorry my God has arleady dissapointed u I can't leave sad when I have God's grace i believe everything happens for a reason i smile when I can I celebrate each minute bse who knows tomorrow!?so munzijeko emimwa abanyambye siwulirangako ayogera bingi abatanyambye bebasabuka am sure I'll be fine by God's grace munansonyiwa if I have spoken badly but stop stressing people when u have no idea what they are going thru wait for your own turn this world isn't as easy as u think more so do not at any point think u love someone's life more than they do do thank u!So I hereby wish u the best and good health y'all be blessed always believe in God's mercy..," Stated Evelyne Lagu.

Am not ok but am too strong in Christ for those of u who want me sad all the time am sorry my God has arleady...

Posted by Evelyne Love on Thursday, April 29, 2021

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