Pastor Bugingo Begs the Government to Open Up Bars and Clubs

Posted on Apr 04, 2021
By Kiggundu Abraham
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House of Prayer Ministries lead Pastor Aloysius Bugingo has pleaded to the government of Uganda to open up the bar business.

Leaving aside the loans and rent arrears that are getting to the necks of bar operators on a daily, Hajj Pastor Bugingo claims COVID-19 is here to stay and so the government should mitigate the pandemic control measures with survival by letting bars to work again.

The Man of God alleges that there is no way he can preach God's message to the drunkards and bar owners so as to be Born Again and dump the tempting king of lifestyle when the receiver of the gospel message is poor.

As a way of closing the gap between the rich and the poor, Pastor Bujingo believes the government should take action and open up all the businesses that were halted due to the pandemic bars inclusive so as to avoid the consequences like high crime rate.

"God sent me to pray for the Born Again and non believers. I pray for every business to be reopened even if its bars caz the bar operators will then be able to listen to the gospel while having something to eat.

Being Born Again doesn't mean that even beer breweries were closed that one can easily dump being drunk for the gospel truth. We have not failed to get money for booze but we know God needs our presence 24/7 no wonder we don't have time for being drunk. That Ugandan who is feeding on bar business should be given a chance to work again so as to get what to feed his/her family. It will be then easier for me to bring the gospel to their work places.

In other words, its dangerous to live a world where there is a big gap between the rich and the poor caz the poor will easily harm the rich. From working in the bar, one will easily get a second thought of jumping on a better reasonable job that doesn't shame him/her in the presence of the Lord."- Pastor Bujingo.

Watch the video below;

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