Lil Kid Uganda Pastor Omurasta releases 2nd single, ‘Bali Bali’, Audio

Posted on Sep 22, 2019
By Sean Musa Carter
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New talent still rising in the Music industry of Uganda with the latest extra ordinary one being the 8year old young rapper called ‘Lil Kid Uganda Pastor Omurasta’ who was recently known for his deep preachings but recently decided to join Music.


Lil Kid Uganda Pastor Omurasta, used to preach the Gospel along the streets but a few months ago he picked interest in Music and started singing, his first single was dubbed “Mpa Njitulemu”, in fact he released a music video for it.

Having received such a good reception with his deep lyrics and mature way of interepreting the hustler’s lifestyle, his management, manager Henry, under Entertainment returned him to studio hence recording “Bali Bali.”

Unlike other new rappers who come to the game with the aim of beefing others, Lil Kid Uganda stated clearly that he is not here to beef or battle anyone but rather to raise his talent and do good music.

However, even though he is a young preacher, Pastor Murasta has made it clear that he only preaches on stage but not through his songs as his music is strictly secular and not Gospel but he has been witnessed countless times praying on stage.

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