"They Wanted to Kill Me Like Mowzey Radio"- Rocky Giant Speaks Out After Surviving Buchaman

Posted on Oct 08, 2020
By Kiggundu Abraham
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Veteran lugaflow rapper Rocky Giant real names Fred Giri has come out from his hiding cave and revealed how he almost lost his life just like Mowzey Radio, he narrates shocking ways Buchaman and his goons brutally punished him.

Ever since being subjected to absolute torture and shame by the "Lwaki temumatira" singer a week ago as it was witnessed in a viral social media video, the singer being accused of proclaiming himself as the Ghetto President a position being held by Buchaman, the currently psychologically tortured rapper had went into hiding to the extent of even failing to open up a case file against the Rastafarian so as justice could prevail.

It was not until last Wednesday when the "Omulembe" gwa Balasi" singer surfaced through a video on his socials and opened up about his recent torture at the hands of the Presidential Envoy to the Ghetto.

Rocky Giant stated how he was kidnapped, tortured and wrongly judged and if it wasn't by the grace of God, he would by now have already joined his fallen musicians like Mowzey Radio, Danz Kumapeesa and AK 47 who passed on due to similar beatings at the hands of sadists.

“I am very happy to be in front of your faces. I was kidnapped, I was wrongly judged, I was assaulted, but that is the world. I thank God that I came out alive…this is what they call arising from the dead. I thank everyone who felt touched by the situation. There are so many people we have lost under similar scenarios like Mowzey Radio, Danz Kumapeesa and AK47," said Rocky Giant.

Watch the video below;

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