Unbelievable reasons why Jackie Chandiru was announced dead yet she went missing a few days ago

Posted on Sep 16, 2019
By Sean Musa Carter
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In the wee hours of 15th September 2019, social media was washed with rumor of how former Blue 3 singer Jackie Chadiru is dead only for her close friends and former manager to come out later to trash the rumor.


Apparently, Blizz Uganda had earlier reported how the "Gold Digger" singer had ran away from Naguru Hospital when she heard doctors debating about chopping off her rotten hand and to our surprise, a few days later rumor started running around that she is dead, which we are now here to clear.

Jackie Erusa, an artiste publicist has come out and confirmed that Jackie Chandiru is still alive though not in good health as she still needs serious prayers for her to recover and get back on her feet due to excess use of drugs.

 Julie also confirmed through her social media page that, her client is NOT dead as being spread on social media.

However, it is not so surprising that people announced Chandiru dead basing on the recent pictures and stories of her addiction to drugs that have been going around social media for the past few days and also depending on the fact that no one knows where she might be hiding after her running away from the hospital.

But we shall keep you in the loop in case of any developments about this story and Jackie's health as we continue to pray for her well being.

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