Survivors of the 2010 Bombing Narrate Grave Threatening Experience and How Mbonye Saved Them

Posted on Jun 23, 2020
By Sean Musa Carter
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It's been 10 years since the twin bombings in Uganda that claimed at least 74 lives and now some of the survivors have recounted the events of that fateful day and how Prophet Elvis Mbonye had prophesied the bombing.

Zoe International Ministries remnants who survived the 2010 Al- Shabaab terrorist attacks in Uganda that occurred at Kyadondo Rugby grounds and Ethiopian Village, Restaurant in Kabalagala, respectively, have given touching testimonies of how the man of God prophesied the horrible incident just a month before it happened!

In their chilling confessions, the Christians, most of them survivors of the terrorist attacks at Kyadondo Rugby Grounds, gave their confessions in a new documentary filmed by Zoe Ministries, in which they all revealed how Prophet Mbonye told them during a conference held in May 2010 that he had received a vision from God about a pending terrorist attack in Uganda, although none of them knew it would really happen just a month after the prophesy.

Watch the Full Confession Video Below:

Frank Kakooza, who survived the bomb blast at Kyadondo Rugby grounds, said that “I just heard a blast. I can’t even tell you how loud it was But the State has to come out clearly and respect the word of prophesy that comes out of Prophet Mbonye, because he has been saying things which have come to pass.

For instance he prophesied about Trump, The choppers, this bloodshed that happened in Lugogo; now why don’t you talk to that person? Fore warned is forewarned; Why wouldn’t anyone want to listen to him?”

Prophet Mbonye has since prophesied about several other events that have come to pass. For instance, in 2012 he prophesied that Uganda would be engulfed in grief after losing some of her citizens in a plane crash and asked Christians to pray about it. Just a few weeks after he had pronounced the prophesy Uganda lost gallant soldiers who perished in a chopper crash that occurred on Mount Kenya. Seven out of a 28-member crew lost their lives when the Mi-24 chopper failed to negotiate the 17,000 foot altitude of Mt Kenya.

Watch His Other Prophesy Below:

Meanwhile, even a few months ago Prophet Mbonye also came out and revealed how God had told him about the coming of the a disease from China at the beginning of 2020 in this case which happens to be the Coronavirus.

When he cam eout to make this revelation, so many people were shocked and at the same time surprised about what he had said in the viral video.

Also Watch that Video Below:

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