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Prophet Elvis Mbonye Injects Millions into his 44th Birthday Celebrations, Photos of All You Missed

Prophet Elvis Mbonye last Saturday, 27th March, celebrated his 44th birthday with a glamorous event that was attended by only Invited Guests as entertained by top Gospel artists and his own Zoe Melodi


Flamboyant Prophet Elvis Mbonye to Celebrate 44th Birthday with Beautiful Celebrations

This Saturday, 27th March 2021, Zoe Ministries, Prophet Elvis Mbonye is going to be hosting mega celebrations for his 44th Birthday and will be streaming everything Live on his Facebook Page to celebr


"Please Give Us Prophet Mbonye If You Don't Want Him"- Angola Remnants Beg Ugandans

When Prophet Elvis Mbonye visited Angola a few months ago, he left many of his followers with broken hearts and now after seeing Ugandans calling him a fake prophet, they have asked him to relocate to


"Prophet Elvis Mbonye is Higher than John the Baptist"- Simon Ssenyonga Praises (VIDEO)

Prophet Elvis Mbonye's remnant Simon Ssenyonga has come out and shockingly confirmed how the Man of God is higher than John the Baptist, Moses who split the red sea and not even Father Abraham can


"I Know Where to Find God When I Need Him"- Prophet Elvis Mbonye Confesses

Prophet Elvis Mbonye has come out and confessed how he knows where to find God whenever he needs to talk to him something so many people have failed to understand. The man of God hinted at those wh


Prophet Elvis Mbonye's Gym Photos Leave Female Followers with Melted Hearts

Man of "Gadd" Prophet Elvis Mbonye has left female followers with melted hearts after parading off his well-endowed body after powerful Gym Sessions that have caused chaos on social media.


Survivors of the 2010 Bombing Narrate Grave Threatening Experience and How Mbonye Saved Them

It's been 10 years since the twin bombings in Uganda that claimed at least 74 lives and now some of the survivors have recounted the events of that fateful day and how Prophet Elvis Mbonye had pro


"I always go to Heaven and talk to Jesus, he is very young and beautiful"- Prophet Elvis Mbonye narrates

"I always walk to Heaven and see Jesus, we talk and laugh as much as we want, He is very beautiful and handsome. He is the most perfect being"- Prophet Elvis Mbonye narrates his most recent


VIDEO: Prophet Elvis Mbonye Quotes Wrong Chapter and Verse in the Bible, Leaves Remnants Confused

The contraversial Prophet Elvis Mbonye has left his remnants confused after quoting the wrong verse and chapter in the Bible during an interview. The stylish and flashy man of Gaaad left people tal


"I Met Lucifer, He is Scared of Me, I Almost Killed Him" - Prophet Elvis Mbonye (VIDEO)

When Prophet Elvis Mbonye revealed how he met God and told him about Coronavirus very few people believed him, now he has narrated what happened when he met Lucifer / satan. During an interview wit

Celebrity Gossip

Prophet Elvis Mbonye Parades Off Two Luxuriously Expensive Rolls Royce Worth 1.5 Billion

Prophet Elvis Mbonye is not ready to let us rest, he has now paraded off two brand new Rolls Royce cars worth 1.5Billion Shillings leaving his remnants ranting. Alwasy known as one of the most cont


"Stop Using My Past Against Me, I will Unleash the Unthinkable"- Prophet Elvis Mbonye Threatens

Ever since prophet Elvis Mbonye stated that "God told him About Coronavirus in 2019", Ugandans on social media started trolling him, bringing back all his dirty past but now he has promised


"God told me about coronavirus in 2019, I was scared you wouldn't believe me, "- Elvis Mbonye shockingly reveals

Zoe Ministries leader Prophet Elvis Mbonye has shockingly revealed how God told him about the coronavirus Pendamic back in December 2019 but he thought that no one could believe him so he kept quiet.


Another Prophet Mbonye 'Son' Teacher Wisdom Spends Millions Proposing to Fiance (Photos)

A few weeks ago, Prophet Elvis Mbonye's selfproclaimed son Simon Ssenyonga spend hundreds of billions making his lover happy while legalizing their bonking and now even another one has followed th


Prophet Elvis Mbonye ships in a brand new Mercedes Benz Maybach 2019 Model worth 1Billion

The selfstyled Man of God, Prophet Elvis Mbonye of Zoe Ministries has unveiled his brand new car, a personalized Mercedes Benz worth over UGx1 Billion and here's everything we know about this mons


Prophet Elvis Mbonye's 'son' Simon Ssenyonga spends a small country's budget on his Kwanjula ceremony

City showbiz man, Simon Ssenyonga, also known as the ‘son’ of contraversial Prophet Elvis Mbonye has been introduced by his betrothed Sharon Kyomugisha of UBC TV in a very luxuriously expe

Prophet Elvis Mbonye’s Son Spends Over 50Million On Bridal Shower (Photos)

Simon Ssenyonga, a city lawyer and self proclaimed son of celebrated Prophet Elvis Mbonye is back in the news after our snoops uncovered information that he spent over 50M on the bridal shower of his


Prophet Mbonye Summoned by CID, He Turns Up Like a Tycoon in Convoy (PHOTOS)

Prophet Elvis Mbonye of Zoe Ministries has for  reported to the Criminal Intelligence and Investigations Directorate (CIID) for interrogation of over three hours on allegations of misinforming the pu


Prophet Mbonye's son Simon Ssenyonga hires Acacia Cinema Hall to propose to UBC Anchor, Spends Over 30Million

Money can make you do weird and big things at the same time, this has come to our surprise that the son of one of the biggest known pastors in Uganda, Prophet Elvis Mbonye's son Simon Ssenyonga hired

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