Kampala Metropolitan Police Arrests 24 People, Impounds 171 Taxis and 489 Motorcycles

Posted on Mar 26, 2020
By Sean Musa Carter
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The Kampala Metropolitan Police has today arrested 24 people and impounded 171 motor vehicles (mostly taxis) and 489 motorcycles in an operation to enforce the Presidential directives of banning public transport for 14 days (Two Weeks.)

President Yoweri Museveni suspended the use of all public means of transport including boda bodas, buses, and trains, for 14 days. Museveni said the move is aimed at “causing people to postpone their unsafe journeys”.

Only passengers moving in private vehicles will be allowed, but even then the limit as been set – a maximum of 3 people including the driver.

On Thursday Police along with other security agencies carried out enforcement in parts of Kampala to ensure compliance.

Some of the arrested people

In a statement, Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson, SP Patrick Onyango said that the suspects who were arrested were violent and aggressive towards Police Officers during the arrest.

"Police in Kampala Metropolitan area today carried out an operation to enforce the Presidential directives issued last night.

The enforcement involved deploying in strategic areas, along routes that lead to the City Centre, Markets, Taxi and Bus terminals and setting check points.
Although majority of the population adhered to the directives there are some indisciplined ones who have attempted to defy the orders. We decided to impound their Motor vehicles, Motorcycles and arrested those violating the directives.

In this operation, by 1600 hours, we had impounded 171 motor vehicles (mostly taxis), 489 motorcycles and arrested 10 suspects. The suspects who were arrested, they were violent and aggressive towards Police Officers during the arrest. These motor vehicles, motorcycles and suspects are at various Police Stations in KMP..

Other 14 suspects were arrested around Container village in Central Kampala for attempting to steal from a motor vehicle along Burton street, Police was informed and responded and the thieves tried to run away but they were chased up container village where they were arrested.
They are currently being detained at CPS Kampala on theft charges.
Generally, apart from the few minor highlighted incidents above, Kampala Metropolitan area is peaceful and business in the the various cleared places is going on smoothly. The operation continues tomorrow.

SP Patrick Onyango
"- Read the statement.

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