"Witchcraft is going to kill my career, my fans now hate me"- Grace Khan cries out

Posted on Mar 05, 2020
By Kiggundu Abraham
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"Listen daddy, I was one time back stage and I had Mr. Sebatta lamenting how he no longer gets gigs ever since Eagles Productions came out openly and accused him of witchcraft. I dreamt of being a star but I don't think I will make it," Grace Khan cries out.

Singer Grace Khan is worried of becoming unemployed with her music career already wrecking up like a ship given the way her reputation is currently being tarnished by unscrupulous people.

Forget about a talented vocal queen from Masaka who always dreamt of becoming a music star and top the entertainment game like no more, the 'Wakyuka' singer is currently scared of losing her career to arrogant persons who are determined of failing her because of their personal motives.

Ever since, breaking up with her former manager and boyfriend, Kojja Kitonsa who happens to be a traditional herbalist and events promoter, the singer's career has never been the same as she has been witch hunted till then by her enemies on grounds we are yet to ascertain.

The latest are her alleged ex-girlfriend identified as Essy and herbalist Sheik Umar who are pinning her as a witch and a person possessed with dark spirits always active as far as tormenting every lover who uses her and later dumps her just like that mention singer Jovan Luzinda and Kojja Kitonsa himself.

The emotional and totally pissed up Grace Khan has ended up revealing her uncertainty about her future in music as she fears losing gigs and later become unemployed because of evil persons that are till now smearing her reputation with dirt so as to fail her dreams.

During an exclusive interview with the gossip president, Bukedde's Josephat Sseguya, Grace Khan has revealed how she is scared of becoming unemployed just like it was with Kadongo Kamu singer Fred Sebatta due to the ongoing accusations pinning her of being a witch with dark spirits that torment fellow members in the industry.

"I'm still attending to a certain gig but daddy I'm swimming in a pool of problems," Grace Khan revealed to Josephat Seguya while
shedding tears.

Grace Khan went to on to reveal how she has been weakened by the constant personal attacks from her ex-girlfriend known as Essy and Sheik Umar thereby fearing for her life as she is likely to join her ancestors because of being tortured psychologically, a situation that she can no longer control.

"Daddy I'm told troubled and can no longer defend myself, caz if I do, I will definitely just break down and die. I'm no longer strong since I can't get out of the cameras. I will actually lose my last breath so soon because of that girl Essy," Grace Khan Cried out.

The singer has feared becoming unemployed just like Lord Fred Sebatta who couldn't be hired for gigs years back after being accused of practicing witch craft on his fellow musicians.

Listen to Sheikh Umar acusing Grace Khan below:

We shall keep you posted.

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