Kojja Kitonsa Spills Dirty Secrets Of How Grace Khan Wanted to Spoil His Marriage, Shocking Video

Posted on Feb 25, 2020
By Sean Musa Carter
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Private WhatsApp voicenotes of Kojja Kitonsa exposing all the dirty secrets of singer Grace Khan have been leaked and left her heartbroken.

In these clips, Kojja Kitonsa is heart accusing Grace Khan of teaming up with his brother only identified as Muteesa to push the case to the courts of law so as Kojja Kitonsa can be penalised as a criminal.

Kojja Kitonsa has also vowed never and ever to be tempted into such a silly human error basing on the consequences and trying to wreck up his marriage by parading their secret affair in the cameras to being disrespectful and a nuisance to the public, Kojja Kitonsa cannot stop ranting the day he met Grace Khan.

After chewing her sumbie and later dumped her, Kojja Kitonsa managed to reunite with his baby mama, Senga Namatovu and they are happily cruising on with life in their marital home.

"I regret meeting Grace Khan, a mistake I did and will never repeat in my life. I tried to shape her into a human being for almost 6months but she remained blunt, very disrespectful and unruly.

Though I had disagreements with my wife, she didn't mind spoiling by marriage by throwing it into the cameras as my official wife. Grace Khan reached to the extent of eating debts every where and claiming that I didn't give her money despite offering her a lot to reignite her music career. she is now accusing me stealing shs3million from her. So stupid to the extent of teaming up with his brother, Muteesa to fake witnesses in courts of law that I stole from her," Kojja Kitonsa.

Watch the Video clip Below:


Heartbroken Grace Khan Promises to Sue Kojja Kitonsa For Stealing 3Million from Her

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