"Bebe Cool is an old fool with nothing new to tell us, he cant even play any instrument"- Ziza Bafana

Posted on Jan 14, 2020
By Sean Musa Carter
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Reigniting their old battle, singer Ziza Bafana has hit hard at Bebe Cool for being a useless old man with nothing new to teach apart from singing useless songs like 'Wire Wire.'

While appearing in a TV Interview, Ziza Bafana was asked about Bebe Cool's List but his response to the BBS TV reporter left many wondering where he had gotten all the anger from.

"Bebe Cool is just an old man with nothing new to tell the nation. As other people are making sensible music to rescue our nation, the old man is busy singing Wire Wire. I mean what new does Bebe Cool have to tell us if his list has only young musicians with useless songs? How comes I didn't see Elly Wamala, Afrigo or even Mesach Semakula on his list?

Ignore an old man who can't even play a single music instruments but just waits to buy songs. We are the real musicians and those lists can't do anything to hurt us"- Ziza Bafana spit out fire.

It should be remembered that some years ago Ziza Bafana and Bebe Cool were at Loggerheads but the fire was sized down when Bafana stopped releasing new music.

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