VIDEO: Fille Mutoni Speaks Out About Her HIV/AIDs Status, Leaves Many Shocked

Posted on Dec 21, 2019
By Kiggundu Abraham
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"I am a mother, I keep myself safe, Period!"- Songbird Fille Mutoni has partly stated.

Songbird Fille Mutoni has come out to refute ongoing social media allegations that she is suffering from HIV/Aids thereby claiming that after all she is a mother, she is always safe and sound.

Following the public announcement of her baby daddy and hubby, MC Kats how he is dying of HIV/Aids, social media in-laws had started also accusing the 'Mudala' singer of not being safe given the fact that she has on several occasions been serving her juicy thigh garden to the embattled city smart wire king (MC Kats).

If that is not enough, rumour has it that even her side dish, city play boy Salim Swaleh has confessed signs of the deadly virus thereby leaving her in a big dilemma.

MC Kats - File Mutoni

According to Fille, she has been left with no option but to pray for all her accusers that she is suffering HIV/Aids to get healed from lies after all she knows her personal health better than any intruder could do and the same applies to her baby daddy. (MC Kats)

"I am not bothered by baseless accusations after all I know my personal health better than anyone, and the same applies to Kats. So I just pity any person who comes out of the blue to accuse me falsely with such baseless rumours and I just pray for that person to get healed of lies. You understand, its my life. One thing you need to know is that I'm a mother, I keep myself safe, Period!" Fille Mutoni.

Check out the video below:


"I am HIV positive and proud of it"- MC Kats spills his secrets at Wave Lounge (VIDEO)

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